What Is Nutrition?


Food is fuel….right?? That’s what we are told by some in the fitness industry. “Only eat what you need, remember, food is just fuel”….and to a point, this is correct, but we need so much more than just “fuel”. Vitamins and minerals are monumental in ensuring our bodies dont break down. No matter how much “fuel” you consume, unless you have an adequate mineral/vitamin intake, you will feel crap…tired, sick, rundown.

The human body is not an exact science, as far as nutrition and operations. What works for one, may not work for another. Eating an exact calorie intake will result in different results for everyone. Have you ever eaten less, but put on weight? Eaten more, but lost weight? The human body will do whatever it takes, even to the detriment of other bodily functions, to extract what it needs to survive, from whatever it is that you eat.

For example, the calorie value of food on the outside of the body, is not necessarily the same value once it is consumed. You eat a biscuit at 200 calories. Your body will ramp up its processing trying to get the goodness from that biscuit. No goodness, let’s store it away for later,or try to get rid of it as waste. 200 calories of green vegetables, once consumed, will be easily processed, the nutrients extracted and distributed around the entire body and absorbed where needed. The 200 calories of green vegetables has enhanced our body composition and health, as opposed to 200 calories of biscuit, that the body has to work overtime to process and in the end, do nothing with.

Good nutrition controls the energy balance of the body. Too much, or too little, and we don’t function right. Processes that we dont absolutely need to survive will begin to shut down, like reproduction, parts of our metabolism and some brain function. Good nutrition allows us to feel good, live well and get more from ourselves on a daily basis. Many people find that once they tweak their diet, they will at some point, start to exercise, too….and vice versa. Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, but for many, it’s a process worked up to.

Sometimes the last thing we feel like doing is exercising, we can’t be bothered….so start with your nutrition. Swap a few small things, drink more water, cut serving sizes, but hey…you dont have to do it all at once. Minor tweaks like this, and you might just find yourself feeling like taking that walk. Before you know it, old habits begin to fade and new ones become second nature. Dont start big, start small…one step at a time.

If you want more information, or help, to do this, drop me a line, we can do this together.


Susie 🙂


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