Always Something To Be Learned


Truth is, it’s been the hardest 12 months ive ever lived through. It’s just gone a year since i lost my job and when i think back to this time last year, it’s hard to believe it ever happened. The emotions of that time were crazy….angry, upset, scared and more.

It took me 9 months to find the job i have now. That’s 9 months of living off centrelink and relying on my family to help me out. I had snippets of work here and there, but nothing that added up to more than 12 hours a week. I ran boot camps for a month for a company that couldn’t run a chook raffle at the local, plus i had 2 Care Assistant jobs that weren’t consistent in hours and were miles away. And then i landed this job, which is right here in the suburb i live in and i love it more than the job i lost.

So for all the grief losing that last job caused, im so glad it happened now, in hindsight, as it has led me to a much happier place. It also lead me somewhere else. A path down through the standard stubborn human mindset to the deep viney tangled mess of my mind where, once unlocked, I discovered an oasis, of sorts. A  place so peaceful and calm, that i could sit quietly and find myself there, not worrying about the problems, because i was able to concentrate solely on solutions.

The answers all came to me through books, both audio and hard copy, and podcasts. I had a complete paradigm switch. Instead of wishing my life was easier, cos im pretty sure at almost 46, im supposed to seriously have my shit together by now, I started to wish i was better, to wish I was better equipped to handle the problems coming my way.

I started to think that instead of cutting stuff back and out, to free up money, why not just make more money?? Why aren’t we taught to think like that? We’re all so quick to say “well, there’s only so many hours in a day that i can work…”…well yes, but, are you aware that the homeless guy sleeping under the Redcliffe Jetty has just as many hours in his day as Oprah?? Or Obama?? Beyoncé, Bieber and Ellen???? Crazy, isn’t it??

But, but, but….but they’ve got money, they’ve got staff, employees, nanny’s blah blah blah….they might now, but they havent always, right?? What you’re looking at is their “glory” and being ignorant about their “story”…what got them to the place they are now. They worked hard, and they worked smart and they never ever quit on their dream.

If you’re working as much as you can, and deep down you know you’re never going to be able to deliver on the dream life you’ve always longed for. Think about personal development. Think about clearing your mind out and starting again. We have generations and generations of “life rules” stuck in our heads and we can’t get rid of them overnight, but bit by bit, you can make the same paradigm shift I did and start to build yourself up the be the best damn version of yourself.