A Little of Everything

My blog life started with a one hit wonder 4 months ago. What began as a Nutrition blog, and ended right there, too, has evolved in my head to be a whole lot more. I didn’t want to box myself into just one area, when my head takes me to so many different places at night. The ideas and stories always just flow against the ebb of a gutless sleep.

Nutrition is still something i will be writing about. The more i study and read, the more i love what our bodies are made of, which primarily, is whatever the hell you put in your mouth. Think about that, i mean, really think about that…the old saying “you are what you eat”, is so very true. But enough, im not in a nutrition mood.

I’ve changed the name of the blog, too….A Random Point Of Q is so much more appropriate. If we haven’t before had the pleasure, my name is “Q”, and I’m a little “Hey Diddle Diddle” with a touch of “There’s No Place Like Home,” thrown in. A gob full of “Wonka” with a sprinkle of “American Horror Story”….ok maybe more than a sprinkle, but the point is, you never know what you’re gonna get, just as i never know what i’m gonna write. Isn’t that exciting?? Its like Xmas every time i tinkle the keys!!!

I guess this is my “introductory” blog. I didnt do that the first time around, just started yabbering about nutrition, but this time i better do it….apparently people want to know who writes this stuff. So you know my name, or enough of it to get you by, im 45 FFS, and living in sin, in Brisbane with a tribe of kids, mostly teens (that’s a blog post right there!!) and im a lesbian. My fiance is a lesbian, too. We live in lesbian sin together, with her kids, and my kids…kind of like a modern day Brady Bunch, or Gaydy Bunch, but without the Alice. Oh, and without the Greg and Marcia, too, cos they moved out at the end of 2016!

Im a non-practising fitness coach and nutrition adviser currently, and continuing my nutrition studies whilst doing a little network marketing in my spare time and working for a community center as a support worker. Im a little salt and pepper and that’s ok. Im not going to bore you anymore with my likes, loves and passions, cos “who cares” and those will probs creep into a blog here and there anyway.

Im as eager as you are to find out if it will be another 4 months til the next instalment, who knows? My only suggestion would be, to not hold your breath!