You’ve Lead The Horse, Now What?

You know the saying, im not going to repeat it, but how bloody frustrating is it when you get the friggen horse to the water and it wont drink, i mean, it wont even dip its bloody toes in, check out it’s reflection or skip a stone. It just digs its heels in and stands there. So i just stand there. Why? Cos i handed you the damn tools, the training, information, advice…im sure as hell not going to bring the water to your lips or assist you to bend to the awesomeness that awaits. Fuck that, and you, i got too much stuff to do to waste my time on people who wont help themselves!

Time. It’s so valuable, and yet people expect you to waste yours, on them. Why would i do that? My time is better spent working with people who want to reach their goals. I mean, everyone says they want to do this, do that, but when it comes down to it, what they really want, is not your help, but for you to actually reach their goals for them. I’m sorry, but if i want you to reach  your goals, be they fitness, nutrition, weight loss or business related, more than you want to reach them, then we have a problem. There was a time i would have done it tho. Anything to be able to say, “We did it!”….but not anymore. I refuse to put time and effort into people who wont do the same.

Lisa Grossman said, “I will help you with your business.” Amen Sistah!!!!! The middle word there is YOU. It’s your goal, your dream, your business etc. I will help you, but you got to step up, do the work, make the changes and bring the desire, ambition and motivation, cos i cannot get you across the line. If i did still drag people across the line, id be doing an injustice to those people who have the belief in themselves, who have the drive and the initiative to take what i know, what i can teach them, and get themselves across that line. Again, my TIME is valuable. Time freedom does not mean i want time to throw into patting the backs of others, it means i want the time to do the things i want to do, whatever they are, it doesn’t matter, cos it’s MY time.

If you want to lose weight, i can help you. If you want to start your own wellness business, i can help you. If you want to change your life around and be happy and healthier, i can help you. I have the time for you, if you have the time for me. If you are prepared to listen, to do what i tell you, to follow plans, train, be coachable and literally just shut the hell up and do as i do, you will reach your goals. You can do anything in this life you set your mind to, if you believe in yourself. I can HELP, but i WILL NOT do.

If you do not reach the goals you set yourself, it’s on you. You didn’t try hard enough. You didn’t follow directions, you didn’t listen, you thought you knew better, you continued to eat crap and you continue to make excuses and lay blame at the feet of others. Do not blame me. I wanted it for you, i gave you the tools, you didn’t use them. Your fault. If your goal or dream or desire is not important to you, then it’s not important to me. I’m not paying your bills or having to carry your weight around, so i simply don’t care. NEXT!!

I can deal with a lack of training, of knowledge, skills, even self belief to a point, cos i can fix those. I have those, and i can offer them to you, but i cannot deal with a lack of desire, of ambition, motivation and hunger. That is all on your head. Unless you have the latter, there’s no point in us working together. I don’t have the time for you. If you have the former, and need help, to lose weight, work from home, improve your nutrition or start an exercise program, let’s chat.